Jai Long’s Six Figure Business Map

The last year has been rough. Pandemics, lockdowns, postponed plans, cancelled events. I think we can all agree it’s been a wild and bumpy ride. I can’t begin to count the number of times I’ve felt like an overwhelmed mess, trying to navigate my business through some seriously stormy waters.

If social media is any indication, it wasn’t just me. Even now, there seem to be plenty of others in the same boat, writing SOS messages on Facebook groups, lamenting about how impossible it all is and hoping for some miracle that will revive their struggling creative business.

If this speaks to you, I have some excellent news: it doesn’t have to be this way! I found a way out of that place, and so can you. My friend, you deserve better, and so does your business. 

This time last year, I found myself losing an entire year of work due to COVID postponements. I was stuck at home with a toddler and a 12-week-old newborn, and with the business costing me more than it was bringing in, I was so hesitant to even consider investing more money. 

I’d been looking into Jai Long’s Six Figure Business map for a while, and I knew I was keen on it; however, I just couldn’t bring myself to drop such a big amount of cash. But I kept coming back to it, and eventually, a combination of desperation and hope drove me to press the ‘Buy’ button. 

If I knew what I know now, I would have bought the course seven years ago!

Twelve months from my initial purchase, I can 100% say it’s been one of the best choices I’ve ever made.

This course is hands-down the best formula to growing a successful business as a photographer. It’s not just applicable to photographers too – the same principles that Jai teaches apply to so many other business opportunities. His no-bullshit approach to creating a business that can better serve you and your clients is incredibly effective and refreshing.

The last 12 months have still been tough. Steering a creative business through countless lockdowns has been just as much a challenge as raising a toddler! But Jai’s course and his amazing team have been so empowering, and they have given me the confidence to push through, survive and thrive. It’s been a blessing in disguise to have this time to better myself so that I can create the best possible experience for my clients. 

If you feel like I did, overwhelmed by all the noise online, and you’re looking for a clear guide to smash your goals and evolve into the best version of yourself, I highly recommend taking the jump! 

What I love most about the course

Monthly mentor sessions

Jai personally shows up for the BM community, answering everyone’s questions in real-time. As a busy mum, I can listen to the sessions whenever I want, and all the questions are time-stamped, so I can skip ahead to parts I really want to hear.  

Relevant – straight to the point information that’s easy to action! 

The course is clearly set out, easy to follow, and filled with many shortcuts I wish I had seven years ago. If you’re new to the industry, get ready to skip years of guessing! You’re welcome… you can thank me later.  


The community is full of total legends who always support and encourage each other, sympathise in the tough times, and celebrate your wins in the good times. And most importantly, they are always ready to help! Everyone is there to level up and has a great team attitude. The BM community is absolutely priceless. 

The course that keeps on giving

Jai is constantly adding to the course, making improvements, and contributing to the BM community. He’s a strong believer in staying ahead of the game – just like us business owners.

Above all, Jai (and his growing team of like-minded legends!) go above and beyond to help you reach your goals. My business is proof of just how effective the BM program is!

The photography industry is finding it more challenging than ever at this time. Just when we think there might be a light at the end of the tunnel, we hit another lockdown. I can’t lift lockdowns for you, but I can recommend something that genuinely helps. If you’re looking for a guaranteed way to level up your creative biz, I can’t recommend this highly enough.

Don’t wait like I did and wish you’d done it seven years ago! Use the link below and discover a whole new world of support, mentorship, community and unbridled success.

You won’t regret it. 

Ready to level up your business! Click here!


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