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March 22, 2021

getting ready photos

Your wedding is a medley of heartwarming moments that will forever stay and grace your memory lane. Preparations, arriving, ceremony, reception, guests, celebrating; it’s all there – a beautiful cacophony of raw emotions, anticipation, bridal bliss, and maybe a few happy tears!

One of the periods that will highlight your wedding day is the bridal preparation, and let me tell you that as a photographer I simply adore those moments! All the charming giggles, the excitement, the beauty of a woman who is about to tie the knot. I believe there might be a bit of stress involved whether you will get in time, not knowing how to prepare for the photo session, or will the photos turn as you want them? To ease the process, I have listed the hottest tips that will result in incredibly awesome getting ready photos!

Getting ready on your wedding day


When contemplating about the outfit choice that will show the preparation process, my suggestion is to be comfy and throw on chic shirts and pants or some comfortable robes. The two things that have to be flawless before the wedding photography starts is your makeup and hairstyle. This will mean you all feel and look your best and will give you more time enjoying those pre wedding moments while I capture all the goodness. 

wedding day photos


Believe me, everything will be alright! Relax and surrender to the fun. Pop a bottle of champagne, share stories with your girls, surrender to careless giggles and enjoy the excitement – you are soon to be married!

getting ready on your wedding day


In all the chaos, it is important to have all of your details and accessories in one place, and your dress out, hanging, and ready to be photographed. This will assure that throughout the busy getting ready phase, nothing is misplaced or lost under a pile of dress bags or shoe boxes! I love portraying your unique style and weaving another chapter in your love story through personal details. Pro tip: when thinking about which details to include, choose at least some of these items: invites, shoes, jewellery, flowers, and the one thing you must not forget – any sentimental item that is close to your heart.

Getting ready photo, Wedding makeup, Bridal makeup, Bride getting ready photo
Beautiful Celine’s getting ready photo at the Bridal Cottage, Brown Brothers.


When a house full of people are getting ready, it can get messy! And although clutter isn’t too much to worry about when blurred in the background! A clear, well lit space is going to be ideal to get those timeless, beautiful and undistracted shots. Pro tip: Choose a large room that has gorgeous ethereal natural light! It will do wonders for your getting ready photos. Keep this room clear of all clutter and then designate a small room as a dumping ground for empty shoe boxes, dress bags etc.

Monique in her beautiful wedding dress by Jillian Franklin Couture.


One thing that will ease things immensely is to be ready before I arrive. Have your bags packed with everything that you need for the day so that you don’t need to rush out the door afterward! Instead of hurrying hectically, let us use the time before the ceremony for relaxing and more quality moments! That will ease you for the ceremony and will result in more amazing moments.

Want to know more? Get in contact and I will me more then happy to help when it comes to deciding the perfect location for you to get ready on your wedding day.

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