A Golden Plan: How To Make The Most Of The Natural Light On Your Wedding Day

May 23, 2021


If there’s one thing I love as a photographer, it’s the golden hour – that gorgeous, soft light that occurs naturally just after sunrise and before sunset. Nothing compares to the beauty of natural light – you could even say it’s my secret ingredient as a wedding photographer! When we’re coming up with a plan for your photos, planning your wedding day around light is the best way to get those ethereal photos that are so special. I try to take advantage of natural light for each wedding I shoot.

To help you start thinking about how you’ll plan your special day, here are a few tips you can use to get the most jaw-droppingly beautiful wedding photos!

Why does natural light matter?

Take a minute to think about the harsh Australian sun. The days in Albury Wodonga can be intensely bright! If we try to take photographs in bright lighting from the sun or in a studio, it’s going to cause problems, with the subjects either overexposed or covered in shadow – hardly the look you want.

Of course, we can shoot in midday light if needed, and I always have a few tricks up my sleeve to nail each shot. But if we time our photos for when the sun is lower in the sky, we’ll get softer, more detailed images.

The best lights for wedding photography are natural, warm, and gentle. Soft lighting can help give your photos a romantic edge too, like with Kelsie and Scott’s recent wedding. Natural light gives us endless creative possibilities, which is heaps of fun for me as a photographer!

The golden hour in Albury Wodonga is one of my favourite times for wedding photography, thanks to the soft, magical light it creates.

How to make the most of the natural light on your wedding day

Ready to make some magic? Below are some tips on the logistics that can help us maximise your wedding photos, utilising the golden hour in Albury Wodonga to capture your love in the best possible light.

That being said, I also know many of the wedding venues in our lovely part of the world well, so I’m an expert at recommending the perfect place to stand or the best views to capture the perfect lighting.

Plan your venues with care

The ‘getting ready’ snaps with your bridal party are so much fun. Capturing the hair, makeup, and champagne toasts as everyone preps for the day result in some of the most special photos, but to get the best results, check out the natural light when you book your venues.

Some hotel rooms tend to lack natural light, so try to get a sense of the location, window size, and whether or not there’s any outdoor space. If the space has sheer curtains, bonus! We can use these to filter the light streaming in, creating dreamy shots.

Many reception venues will offer plenty of natural light, but even if they don’t, we can always make a plan to head outside when the lighting is at its best and take some photos of just the two of you, celebrating your love.

Consider the time of year

What time of year are you thinking of getting married? From the gorgeous colours of spring to the dramatic winter landscape, you really can’t go wrong in the picturesque Riverina region. However, bear in mind that the sunrise and sunset times in Albury vary greatly depending on the season.

No matter when your wedding is scheduled, we can make considerations for winter and daylight savings time to plan the perfect light. In winter, the sun sets earlier, but the light is also much softer, which is great for photography. During the warmer months, you might want to think about a ceremony later in the day – or at least make time to sneak out of the reception for sunset photos!

Don’t worry about the weather!

So many brides worry about rain on their wedding day, but please don’t stress about this! I guarantee that no matter what the weather, your wedding day will be the best experience ever.

I love all kinds of light – cloudy days, sunny days, rainy days are all good in my book. Regardless of the light, I will use it to my creative advantage to capture the best possible photos for you. Rainy and overcast days can actually be some of the best conditions for photography, giving us moody, dramatic lighting that captures beautifully on film. Rain or shine, we’ll create authentic, memorable photos of your special day – even if it involves an umbrella or two!

Planning your wedding day around light will allow us to maximise photo opportunities and create super-dreamy images.

Make the most of the sunset

We want to use the sunset to get some amazing couple photos, so try to plan your afternoon so that you’re able to get a break during this time.

I often tell couples to consider scheduling their formalities in the afternoon, when there’s still plenty of daylight. Walk in, cut your cake, and start your speeches while the sun is still shining – this is so we can get shots of the speakers without needing to use distracting flashes and lighting, which we would need in the dark.

Beautiful sunset wedding portrait of Sarah & Joel.

Once those are out of the way and guests are enjoying themselves, it frees up some opportunities for us to take our sunset photos. The landscape in our corner of the world is so stunning in the late afternoons and early evenings, and I find that sunset photos tend to be some of the favourites when clients are looking over their proofs.

Dusk’s soft, golden light is perfect for candid shots of the two of you walking together, holding hands, or sharing a laugh over a private joke. I can give you some guidance here – I’m also a master at helping couples feel comfortable, since I know couples photo shoots can feel a bit awkward. You’ll soon forget I’m there, I promise!

Well, you can probably see by now that I’m just a little bit passionate about natural light. It really does make all the difference when shooting wedding photos, so I will do everything I can to help you maximise it. If you’re planning your Albury Wodonga wedding and are after venue or photography recommendations, please reach out – I’d be delighted to help!

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