5 Reasons Why You Should Print Your Wedding Photos

July 15, 2021

Forest Wedding Photography

Ever wondered what the best investment for your wedding day would look like?

Do you wish to cherish the memorable events of your wedding for years to come?

If you are nodding your head in “yes”, I have a perfect piece of advice for you. The best investment you can ever make is to print your wedding photos. Yes, you heard that right! That sounds quite simple but will prove to be of great worth. There is something so surreal and calming withholding the printed version of your epic celebrations that the pixels on the screen could never replace. That’s true!

Sure the advancement in technology has allowed wedding photographers to click thousands of photos, capture every special little moment, and experiment with a variety of editing techniques, lighting, and saturation; but the best way to save those memories is to print your wedding photos. 

Beautiful wedding portrait of Sarah & Joel at Lake Moodemere Estate.

1.      The magnificent power of touch

Now imagine this, you are holding your wedding album years from now. The reel plays in your mind and heart but having a printed version will enable you to revive those memories once again. Touching your wedding photographs will amplify your hearty emotions. Such a surreal feeling! The psychology of touch can never be neglected. It has a special impact and holds a certain power over us.

2.      Something different

With the advancement in technology, everyone is opting for digital photographs. But have you ever thought about what makes you “unique”? What enables you to stand out from the rest of the crowd? That main ingredient is wedding photos!

Sure posting pictures on social media feels great, viewing your wedding gallery is another wholesome experience but having a printed version of wedding photographs will bring all these precious moments back to life. Mark my words. These are coming from an experienced wedding photographer!

3.      Great way to decorate your home

What can be more perfect than decorating your new home with your wedding photographs?

The homely feeling that this gesture will provide is beyond your imagination. There are millions of ways to utilise the printed versions in order to decorate the home. You can hang them with dainty fairy lights or even get them framed for inner perpendicular walls. How amazing does that sound? So what are you waiting for? Print your wedding photos without any further delay!

4.      Serve as family heirlooms for the future generation

Have you ever seen your parents or grandparent’s wedding photos? Come on, I am sure that you have!

Another very important yet special purpose of printed photographs is that they serve to be the family heirlooms. When you store the captured memories on a wedding album, not only your present but future generations will also adore them forever.

5.      Totally worth it!

I love technology but I also love the visceral art of turning the page on a wedding album. This simple act brings back the memories to life. Your special day is a once-in-a-lifetime event, make the best investment for it – print your wedding photos!

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