The ultimate guide for an eco-friendly wedding!

It’s no secret that weddings aren’t exactly eco-friendly or sustainable. But they can be. With a few twitches here & there and deliberate effort, an eco-friendly wedding is possible. That certainly doesn’t mean you’ll have to compromise on the picturesque attribute of your day. Here are 7 super-simple ways to reduce wedding wastage and still have the wedding of your dreams.

#1 Get Environment-Enthusiasts To Work For Your Wedding

Hiring vendors who are passionate about making a wedding environment-friendly and have previously done the same is essential. Your planning process will be easier when you’re working with someone who aligns with your views. 

#2 Pick A Sustainable Wedding Venue

There are many amazing venues around Albury Wodonga that can shrink your celebration’s carbon footprint and are picturesque to hold your beautiful wedding. Some common questions to ask the venue owners are: How do they source supplies and ingredients (for meals)? Are they prioritising energy efficiency? What’s their policy on decomposing waste?

#3 Go Local:

By opting for local foods and artisans, you’ll be reducing transportation costs and as a result – the carbon footprint on the environment. Keep your menu with culinary arts made from local ingredients. 

#4 Invitations & Registry:

Find a company that uses recycled paper, earth-friendly stationery for invitations. There are some that give back to the environment for every purchase. Next, create a registry that supports your sustainability mission. Items made of ceramic, reclaimed wood, or instead, supporting a non-tangible good like gift cards or honeymoon experiences can all cut down waste. 

#5 DIY Wedding Favours

Use reusable jars to serve your guests chocolate mix, homemade jam, or handmade soap as wedding favours. Else, you can also indulge your green thumb with custom seed packets or modern planters as favours. 

#6 Marry In The Great Outdoors 

Celebrate your love for the environment by getting married outdoors. Tying the knot surrounded by the lush forest or the rolling vineyard sure is special. You’d also be cutting down on lighting expenses and decor to make your eco-friendly wedding a success! 

#7 Choose Wedding Decor Wisely

There are many ways you can make your wedding decor environment-friendly. Here are some of them: 

  • Dress your ceremony & reception spaces with reusable decor. There are so many rental companies with gorgeous pieces to choose from. I always recommend renting rather than buy and dump. 
  • Choose flowers that are locally sourced and seasonal. Further, instead of cutting fresh plants consider potted flowers that can be taken back to your home or the garden where they come from. 
  • Avoid floral foams. They are used frequently in wedding centrepieces and can be harmful to the environment. 
  • Lastly, donate – don’t toss over – the decor for an eco-friendly wedding. There are organisations that will pick up the floral pieces from your wedding venue and give them to local hospitals, senior centres, and homeless shelters. 

I’ve been a part of plenty of couples’ big day, in and around Albury Wodonga, to let you know that an environment-friendly wedding is beautiful in its own unique way. Plus, couples feel happier and satisfied with their choices afterwards. If you’re planning to have an eco-friendly wedding, and have any more doubts, see some of my sustainable weddings for inspiration or get in touch with me. I’d be more than happy to help!


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